"There is no hiding how much you practice, or whether you have anything meaningful to say...in music, the development of your mind, your soul, are open for anyone to see."

Chris "Breathe" Frue

Saxes, Flute, Guitar


The heart of Chris Frue's music is relaxed but sophisticated improvisation, humorous and inventive, never the same twice. Whether drawing on the richness of jazz standards, or pulling tunes from his many diverse original compositions, his creativity and love of music come through.

Born in 1960 in Ann Arbor Michigan, by the age of 10 he was playing both guitar and alto saxophone. His parents loved music (his dad played sax and his mom piano); they supported his early efforts by providing lessons and sending him to music camps. "It was always a big deal when Dad brought home a new record, he'd crank it up on the stereo and we'd celebrate the new sounds!"

It was in high school after his family moved to Phoenix that he became serious about jazz, started playing in diverse groups throughout the city, and also picked up flute and electric bass. He studied with Frank Smith, a fine reed player and keyboardist who taught at Arizona State University.

Chris played in both the San Francisco Bay area and Seattle in the early 1980s, gigging not only in the jazz world, but working in african, rock, and world beat bands as well. In 1985, he left the city for the beautiful mountains of eastern Washington, and settled in the Methow Valley.

Chris built his own house, added the tenor saxophone to his kit, and joined the local music scene. He played, and plays, with a number of bands and ensembles based in the region, including the Gyrations, Northern Lights, Moment's Notice, Primitive Touch, and the King Biscuit Blues band, with which he toured the northwest. His own group, Jazz Journey, was the house band at Sun Mountain Lodge and also the Winthrop Brewing Company (now the Old Schoolhouse Brewery) for many years, and he has played in festivals and performing arts centers including the Yakima Jazz Festival, the Merc Playhouse and the Omak PAC.

When not out performing music, Chris works as a sound engineer, carpenter, and on his 80 acre mountain farm. He homeschooled his daughter Clare, who is now a professional violinist in the Seattle area. He shares his home with his partner Pema, and his cat Puffin. He loves to sail, and has 3 sailboats that he enjoys when he gets the chance.

"My music is an expression of my love of life, and a celebration of freedom. I am thankful to be able to share it with you."